Trouver des autres randonneurs (Randonnées dans les Pyrénées)

par Lemoine, lundi 15 février 2016, 09:45 (il y a 2845 jours)

Sorry that I do it English.
I want to hike in the Pyrénées this summer. However I do not have anybody to go with me. Now I am looking for a hikingbuddy where can I find on the internet places to find hikingbuddies?

(I have hiked the GR10 already one time)

Trouver des autres randonneurs

par pyrandonnees ⌂ @, mardi 16 février 2016, 18:01 (il y a 2844 jours) @ Lemoine


Thank you for your message !
No problem for english writing :)

It's a good idea to find hiking buddies for your future treks in the Pyrénées.
Sometimes, people send messages in this forum to find friends for their treks.
I hope you will find someone here.
You can use Google Translate if you want to have a translation of our site in english.

Have good treks in the Pyrénées, it's a wonderfull site !



Trouver des autres randonneurs

par bertrand @, dimanche 17 avril 2016, 23:23 (il y a 2782 jours) @ Lemoine

Hello, i'm interested too for hiking this summer but i'm only free the week end. I am living in ariege (09) and it's possible to host you for a week end!
see you!

Trouver des autres randonneurs

par pyrandonnees ⌂ @, samedi 30 avril 2016, 12:12 (il y a 2770 jours) @ bertrand
édité par pyrandonnees, samedi 30 avril 2016, 12:18

Thank you Bertrand for your proposition !

Ariège is a so great place for trekking !

See you in the Pyrénées !


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